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This page is a guide for Online Roleplaying Game called Multi Users In Middle Earth (MUME)

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Fayth the Bear says:
'I'm sure you are newborn cub if you have found your way here or you are big and strong but like to learn some more. I will help you to get started and explain all related to Beorning race and Anduin Vale where we live. There are few secrets though, you have to find out yourself. Indeed, interesting men we are. We don't roam only the land of Vale and Mirkwood...' Big bearhug to Care the Bear for helping to write the guide.

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How to roar?

How can I metamorph/unmetamorph?

The command for it are 'meta' and 'return'.
Meta: You growl loudly, as you shape change into a bear. Return: You feel weaker as you return to your original form.

What does it take to meta?

Metamorph is using your mana and moves and it depends on your level. At low level you should rest mana and moves full before a try to meta. See that your inventory is not full or you can't shape change and remove your man eq. If you return by command it steals moves also!

When and where I can meta?

At first meta depends on your level. Then your mana and moves and finally some other circumstances. You can meta even at level 1 if you are near to Carrock. The huge stone, near to Beorn house. You need to go w n 3 w u from Beorns gate. Later the meta depends on your level and how far you are from this rock. The other circumstances are is it night or day and is the moon up or not.
Best meta in this case is when the full moon is up.

At low level your meta can come off without your permission, annoying indeed, but sleep your mana and try again at night. Staying in bear form permanently around Vale should be starting from levels 17-18. Around same levels you could stay bear all night and meta (try at night only) around Rivendell for example.

This is not a rumor that when the darkness is up you can meta also better. On high level you can go easily to ABR (Abandoned Road south from Rivendell) at nights and meta there again if needed. Darkness and moon will help you. On legend level you can go to Moria at nights or again when there is darkness. It is even possible to meta in Tharbad and Bree or far south in Rohan or run to the gates of GH if you are really lucky - I have had adventures like that, so it's not a rumor. Fangorn and Lorien are nice for a bear.

Updated: 31.07.2014!

Stats needed for a bear?

STR - carrying capacity, unarmed hitting damage, affects OB.
CON - regen speed, hp and moves.
DEX - dodge, ob, (with con and wil affects amount of maxmoves. Main def stat for bear, dodge is not split according to enemies in melee)
WIL - spellsave (sucks) and manaregen for meta. Slight affect to moves amount.
PER - awareness, track (REALLY helps on noticing sneakers), melee probability. But most useless stat for a bear.

OB is affected by STR and level. DB can be raised a little by practicing dodge, but don't over do it - will decrease OB and warrior skill %.

As you don't have stats bonuses in man form, your stats will change in metamorph:

What can I wear as bear?

You can wear everything worn about body, neck or wrist, back and belt.
The basic eq for a bear is forest green cloak (fgc), skin, belt and a backpack. Leather collar is only nosummon eq for bears as you cant wear rings. With good age (best 30-35 years), wearing fgc and gleaming belt, a legend bear has basically unlimited moves if not carrying too much crap - so keep always the load low - carry always as little as possible. You might want to get sable pouch later for your nice items. Moonstone from Broggha will give you some stylepoints as well females would like to wear white-star forget-me-nots around wrists or orchids around wrists.

"Gold is as yellow as honey, but not as sweet!"
quote from Lissa the honey-loving bearserker


Is there any good items/equipment for bears?

Power rings (only if the effect will last after removing the ring, if you meta) and scrolls can be used. Strength ring is a fine item for a bear, if you use it in manform and meta, it gives you +2 str for 20-30 ticks.
Some example items:

+Jewelled ring 6 Magic, Nosell, Nosummon, Can be affected by any four of following: Mana regeneration +4 (ruby) / Cure critical (garnet) / Strength

+Golden quartzite ring 3  Magic, Anti-evil, Nosell, Bless if used

+Pale blue stone 45  Magic, Bless, Anti-evil, Anti-neutral, Nosell,

Gives x amount HP/Mana/MP if used

+Black metal wristband 25  Magic, Bless, +2ob/-3db if aggressive, -2ob/+2db if wimpy

+Sable pouch 25  Container; Magic, Eff vs fire/cold, Closeable

+Small elven bag 33  Magic, Nosell, Provides unlimited food and water

+Plain scarf 35                  Eff vs cold

+Imposing, golden mantle 175   3               Magic, Move regen +5

+Finely woven cloak 45       6           Magic, Anti-evil, Move regen +5

+Gleaming belt 19 Magic, Move regen +5

+Golden belt 11       1           Magic, Move regen +2


Bears can use scrolls, except fragile parchment. Scrolls can be recited from inventory.

Alignment and towns

Bears can get NOC pale blue stone easily. If it's not focused and you 'use stone' it regains you some hit points. But if you wear it for the first time it gains your current alignment! Beware of your alignment later or you can't use it later.

Bears are free race of Arda, though the people from west are shown to a bear between hyphen marks example -Hobbit-. From roleplay view Fayths alignment depends on her mood: from ' in others pain' to '...sent to arda'.

Facts, advice and player kill (PK)

Bears don't have mana.
We can see in the dark.
Bear mobs are our friends :)
'Leather collar' is only nosummon item bears can wear.
Bears can butcher without the butcher knife.
Bears can scalp enemy heads, other free races can't.
We don't have mood, it's constant and your stats are always the same. (I wrote on the bug board that Ainus could make the mood message constant for bears, as ability to go wimpy or berserk is confusing, when it actually doesn't change anything.)

Tips and advice:

Don't kill Beorns white animals wandering near his home or inside his garden. His anger causes you painful death.
Huge Mighty Bears wander only at night for the evil. At daytime they sleep in their caves. When they find you killing their fellas (brown bears, black bears and grizzly bears/cubs) they will get angry at you. Beware when you are exping :)
If your caster friend is coming from western lands, and she doesn't have the citizenship, he/she does not have to go outside the grove to cast spells. Old Hag north of the well doesn't care at all about what's going on in this village!
Swallows can warn you from danger around Anduin.
Hide or sell the woody, stemmed plants (Tarragon), because orcs need it for their draughts. Ohh, we are mean!
And for the last: don't forget to comb your fur!


Some bears decide to level up as men in western lands and then come to Vale. Beornings are always welcomed in Ingrove as in Fornost. If you start from Ingrove and you die, you can pray to Fornost and practice there, get citizen also.
If you decide to start from Ingrove then get a bow and shoot your first 10 levels. After that, the metamorph comes easy.
Venom type poison is annoying long-lasting on bear if it comes from rattlersnake.
Dark vines in MW give you Arachnia poison.
Nagash closes/locks his door unless it's spamopened and Ushurg closes his door too and is nobash. Also Waulfa closes his door and summons some fellas.
There is random exit in Mirkwood where Ebon Wraith is located, you will fall trough the debris. But this happens only in nighttime.
If you stay as bear, psylonia is no problem, but if you need to return with it, it will be very hard to regen mana for meta

If you go for player killing (PK)


"Once a Bear has tried 'crack', it's addicted for life."
quote from Mõmmi Maiasmokk the Outcast Teddy

Kill all wandering hungry wargs in area or they might mess up your tracking.
Try to get rid of orc packs or they might disturb you when chasing orcs.
Cavebears door 'longroots' are noblock.

You don't need to enter NOC against more than you are. Let the orcs come out at nights!
When you are loosing the fight, but you have still enough moves, try to return. Noone is expecting to hit a man! But be sure you have ruby or lantern with you when using this, as you can't see in the dark as human. You will also be naked and very vulnerable with low moves as unmetamorphing takes moves also. Use it only for quick escaping. This strategy won't work if you are targeted by name!
Sneaking bears are strange. Use hide instead as bears in real life can ambush in bushes not sneak as tiny creatures.

You can group with western people but don't forget that you are naked compared to dwarves. Never let yoursef to be used as buffer if there are people around in metal armour! Bears can hit hard but not play tanks.


Anduin Vale

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